“or et rosé” or “rose et or”

August 16, 2012 / Travel / Wine + Dine
the skinny

Château Minuty
Rose et Or 2011

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When I was a little girl, I was a pink kind of girl, loooved pink. I wanted to be into green or blue…they seemed way cooler then…but as much as I liked those colors they just weren’t the same for me. As a grown-up you’d think that I’d be over pink, but the little girl in me stays true to all pinks, from the palest blush to the brightest magenta. Through my travels in Europe I’ve also developed a love for anything gilded. Now, pink and gilding are not an everyday sort of thing but when I was brainstorming my blog name, I thought, “Why not?”. Hence the name “Or et Rosé”. My website designer reminded me that “rosé” really refers to the wine but as a wine lover, I liked that it referenced my favorite summer wine.

When we were in southern France last month, our friends ordered a lovely bottle of Château Minuty rosé. And when they brought it out, I discovered it was actually called “Rose et Or” – who would have thought! Santé!