“…the approach path to wine seems so fraught… there are so damnably many of them, they change all the time, and just when you think you’re getting a handle on the whole unruly mess you read about yet another obscure place entering the world wine market with labels that look like anagrams without enough vowels. It’s dispiriting; I feel your pain. But you’re completely wrong.

When I started my wine life I made the same mistake. I imagined some theoretical point of mastery that lay on the horizon, and I would reach it eventually if I just kept walking. But horizons are funny; they keep moving just as we do. The more urgently you walk, the more they recede. Bastards, mocking me like that; don’t they know I’m trying here? Sure they know! They’re just going to keep frustrating me until I finally get the message: enjoy the journey, and notice your surroundings.”

Terry Theise, Reading Between the Wines