thé menthe maroc

June 18, 2012 / Travel / Wine + Dine
the skinny

Visiting and sipping mint tea with a Berber family


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As an avid tea drinker, I was delighted to have a cup of Moroccan mint tea with every meal during our stay in Marrakech. We took a day trip to the Atlas Mountains and had a chance to visit and sip mint tea with a Berber family in their home. I was amazed to see how the rooms and hallways were open to the sky, and even more amazed when we turned a corner and saw a cow in their house! Our guide told us that it is customary for each family to keep a cow or two for fresh milk. If there were no cows you would find goats or sheep instead. The madame of the house prepared the mint tea for us with the freshest and most fragrant mint and enough sugar for a month. The mint tea is often referred to as Moroccan whisky. Our tea was served alongside freshly made bread with homemade herbed butter, olive oil and honey.